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"Work As If Working For God,

and Not For Man"

Quality service every time

Locate that utility line more efficiently

Our skilled technicians use Hydrovac potholing methods to expose the utilities being surveyed to determine their exact depth and location. This brings your costs down and provides you with a safe and efficient job. All of our employees are certified and actively striving to maintain a safe job site.

Benefits you receive

 • Safe

 • Locates utility lines faster

 • Little material removed

 • Small holes

 • Easy to refill

 • Speeds up process

 • No need for a lot of equipment  



We take safety serious on every job site providing you a proven safety record.

Call now to locate your utility line.

Our potholing jobs require very little material to be removed making it easy to refill the hole quicker. This speeds up the job so you can move on to more important matters.

Don't get stuck

One of your biggest concerns is will the job get done on time. When you work with our experienced crew, you don't have to worry about it. We get jobs done within a day not weeks.

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